Mailbag: Cowboys could have had Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray

OXNARD, Calif. -- Part 1 of the Dallas Cowboys' Twitter mailbag is ready.

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@toddarcher: It never really was an either/or scenario with the Cowboys choosing between Bryant and Murray. They had room even when free agency began to keep both with Bryant under the franchise tag. It wouldn't have been the best scenario from a cap standpoint, but it was workable. The decision the Cowboys made had more to do with the position Murray plays. They didn't see the value in tying up the money Philadelphia forked over for a running back. They went to their threshold and didn't budge. It wasn't a cap-space issue. It was their belief that paying a running back wouldn't lead to big results.

@toddarcher: I don't think so. The Cowboys have belief in Brandon Carr. He was much better in the final six games, including the playoffs, and the Cowboys hope he is more that guy than the guy who struggled earlier in the season. I've been surprised to see Morris Claiborne work in the first-team nickel defense. The Cowboys profess support for Claiborne and hold out hope he can finally contribute. Maybe it will work. But Jones will certainly have opportunities to play. I think we'll see more dime defense this season and he can line up against tight ends and receivers in the slot. There is also the possibility he could play safety, although I don't think that will happen much this season.

@toddarcher: Eventually Mincey has to show up. I can't believe he would just walk away from the game over this. Things can always be worked out with the fine money that is accumulating. I understand his point. The Cowboys gave Orlando Scandrick a raise when they didn't have to. He's hoping to get a raise, too. The question is how much is he seeking? I don't like it when a team says a player should honor a contract, because teams don't honor contracts all the time. Players should get what they can get when they can get it. We can quibble about Mincey's leverage and if this makes sense, but I do think there is common ground to be had in this deal that won't hurt the Cowboys financially and will give Mincey some more security.

@toddarcher: I can't see that happening, but I believe Dunbar will finally become a viable part of the offense after the coaches have teased that possibility the past couple of seasons. I think we'll see Joseph Randle as the lead back, followed by Darren McFadden and Dunbar. Let's say the Cowboys run it 450 times. I think optimally the Cowboys would give Randle 225 carries, McFadden 150 carries and Dunbar about 75 carries. But he could have significant touches if we want to add receptions into the mix. I can see him in the 35-catch range.

@toddarcher: There is not a wide enough wingspan in humanity to say how far you are reaching. There is zero chance this happens. Seattle won't let Chancellor walk. He doesn't want to leave anyway, and the Cowboys don't view the safety position as one in which you pour in a lot of money. The Cowboys aren't alone in that thought, either. If you can draft one who becomes special, you keep him, like New England did with Devin McCourty. I usually give the never-say-never line, but on this one I'm fairly certain it will be never.