Mailbag: RB committee approach is OK but leader is needed

OXNARD, Calif. -- Part 2 of the Dallas Cowboys' Twitter mailbag is ready.

In it we discuss:

  • Running back by committee

  • Roster depth

  • Trading Gavin Escobar

  • Linebacker depth

  • A third jersey

If you want to see Part 1, click here.

Away we go:

@toddarcher: I'm OK with a running back by committee, but I do think there needs to be a leader of the committee. To me, that's Joseph Randle. Let's say there are 30 runs a game. Randle gets 15, McFadden gets 10 and Dunbar gets five, and that is subject to change based on the hot hand theory. If one guy is going well, go with that guy. It was interesting to hear Jerry Jones talk about Randle as a lead back. That's not really a committee approach. As for Morris Claiborne, he won't be a starter in the true sense but, yes, he'll be the third guy if he can stay healthy and hold off rookie Byron Jones. @toddarcher: That is one way to look at it. I do think this roster is deeper than it has been in recent years. The Cowboys have drafted better and made wise free-agent pickups. But I do think we all should re-define what is a starter these days. It's not just the 11 guys introduced before the team takes the field. That's almost ceremonial. The third corner these days is a starter. The nickel pass rusher is a starter. The third wide receiver and second tight end are also starters. It's about snaps played. I think for Jones and Randy Gregory, they will play starter snaps with their roles. La'el Collins will have to beat out Ronald Leary to be a starter and get any real snaps. @toddarcher: Escobar has 18 catches in two seasons. What kind of runner would you be getting back? No, I don't see the Cowboys moving him, nor should they. And they shouldn't think about moving Leary. I just talked about depth in the previous answer. To me if the Cowboys need to find an answer at running back -- and honestly I think Randle will be fine -- then it will come with the waiver wire or with a trade for a future pick. Teams will look to trade "cuts," meaning one guy who won't make your team for a guy who won't make another team. That's always possible, but Escobar and Leary aren't those kinds of guys. @toddarcher: It's a position of need to get through practice with Keith Rivers' surprising retirement and Rolando McClain and Mark Nzeocha not practicing to start camp. It's not a position of need to get guys ready to play a game. The Cowboys will keep six or seven linebackers when the season starts. They'll have to deal with McClain's suspension. But with Sean Lee, Anthony Hitchens, Kyle Wilber, Jasper Brinkley, Andrew Gachkar and Damien Wilson they can be fine on game day. If they lose a starter or key backup they will look for a different type of linebacker. But this early in camp it's about having enough guys to get you through the day. @toddarcher: Not a silly question. I like this stuff. The only way you see a throwback or alternate jersey is if it matches the Cowboys helmet. League rules prevent teams from using multiple helmets during the season thanks to concussions becoming such big topic in recent years. So it's possible the Cowboys add a third jersey that goes with the star helmet, but the days of the throwback appear over. I've wondered why the Cowboys, kings of marketing, haven't added a third jersey, but they like the tradition of the white jerseys at home.