Randy Gregory laments sacks that got away

SAN DIEGO -- Even though Randy Gregory was able to come up with a sack in Thursday’s preseason opener against the San Diego Chargers, he couldn’t help but think of the ones that got away.

"I’m my biggest critic, so I’m never satisfied with my play," the Dallas Cowboys rookie defensive end said. "Ran by the quarterback one time. If I would’ve turned my hips a little more I think I would’ve got there. There was one time I had my arm on him and he got away."

But he got the one and he was quick to credit Davon Coleman. They ran a game on the Chargers' linemen with Coleman picking off the tackle while Gregory came underneath and powered his way to drop Brad Sorensen for a 6-yard loss late in the third quarter.

"He set me up for success," Gregory said of Coleman.

But there was no sack celebration. Teammates jumped on his back, and as he made his way to the sideline veterans were there waiting for him.

"I didn’t even have a chance to celebrate," Gregory said. "I’m so used to college ball where they tell you you can’t. But I definitely got something saved up for the regular season."

So do the Cowboys. Coach Jason Garrett didn’t want to make any definitive statements after the 17-7 loss about Gregory’s play.

"Looked like he was getting off the ball well, looked like he was up the field a lot early on in the game, and then as the game wore on he did a better job leveling off his rush and getting to the quarterback," Garrett said. "He was around the quarterback a lot."

Gregory gets his second chance to be around the quarterback a lot on Aug. 23 against the San Francisco 49ers. He wishes he didn’t have to wait that long.

"I love practice but games are obviously a lot different," Gregory said. "I’m ready for the next one."