Jerry Jones apologizes for Levi's Stadium turf talk

There wasn't much said about the newly laid sod at Levi's Stadium after Sunday's preseason game. AP Photo/Ben Margot

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- For all of the pregame talk about the newly laid sod at Levi's Stadium, there was little talk about it after the San Francisco 49ers beat the Dallas Cowboys 23-6 Sunday.

Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones actually apologized for making it an issue in speaking with the media last Friday.

“I want everyone to know that I hadn’t done the Jones’ test; I hadn’t got down and looked at the roots, seriously,” Jones said. “And I owe them an apology. They’re taking heat as it is and I should understand more than anybody how hard they’re trying, how much they want to get it right. But that was a good place to play a football game. Hats off to them.”

The playing surface at Levi’s Stadium has been much talked about since its opening. Sunday’s game was the first for a new sod that was laid last week after a concert. The turf will be replaced again before San Francisco’s home opener.

Safety Barry Church said the surface was “very slick,” but had no issues with it.

“I wasn’t out there a whole lot,” said tight end Jason Witten, who played three snaps, “but I thought it was fine when I was out there. I thought it looked good.”