Two games, two sacks for Randy Gregory

Rookie defensive end Randy Gregory provided several highlights on an otherwise down night for the Cowboys. AP Photo/Tony Avelar

OXNARD, Calif. -- Randy Gregory was one of the last players inside the Dallas Cowboys' locker room Sunday night after their 23-6 loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

For the second straight game, Gregory recorded a sack, dropping Colin Kaepernick for a 14-yard loss in the first quarter. He also drew two holding penalties on Niners' offensive linemen.

Gregory is stopping just about everything, even the equipment guy who was about to pack up his Cowboys' cap. Gregory wanted to wear it.

The Cowboys took a chance on Gregory in the second round that other teams wouldn't. They felt they had a support system in place on the field with defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli, assistant defensive line coaches Leon Lett and Ben Bloom and off the field with director of player development Bryan Wansley.

Gregory loves being a member of the Cowboys. He got the star tattoo on his forearm a few days after being drafted. The coaches have raved about his work in practice and attentiveness. The off-field worries that had some teams concerned teams before the draft have not been evident.

"I'm my biggest critic so I'm never satisfied with my play but from the outside looking in I think I'm sure everybody's happy, but I'll look back [at the game] and see what I can correct," Gregory said. "For the most part I think I'm doing some things well, keeping the coaches happy on and off the field. So it's a good start definitely and hopefully it'll carry on to the regular season."

Gregory's sack came in part because of the work done by defensive tackles Ken Bishop and Davon Coleman to flush Kaepernick Gregory's way. His sack against the Chargers was helped by Coleman chewing up a San Diego lineman.

"A sack is a sack," Gregory said, "but I'm happy. I think we've got a group of guys that that's what's going to happen. The guys are going to set you up for success and you're going to give it to them in turn. I'm not going to complain about it."

While there are no hockey assists when it comes to sacks, the flags he drew on Patrick Miller and Sean Hooey show Gregory's work even if he isn't sure the flags should have been thrown.

"In college I used to complain about holding all the time, but those didn't feel like I was held," Gregory said. "Maybe a little bit on the second one. On the first one I made a nice move around the tackle and I just barely missed the quarterback. So I thought it was my doing. I didn't think it was a hold, but I think it says a lot of about my activity, my motor, being able to pick up two holds."