Twitter mailbag: Gavin Escobar to get chance to produce

The Dallas Cowboys Twitter mailbag is ready, if a little smaller than the past.

In it we discuss:

** Replacing Dez Bryant

** Replacing Randy Gregory

** Christine Michael

Away we go:

@toddarcher: I don't think you'll see more two-tight end sets. I think you could see more three-tight end sets. But I think you've hit on something with Gavin Escobar. To me, he should get more opportunities in the passing game. He has been a niche player in this offense, used mostly in the red zone and working the seams. He has wide receiver skills but in a tight end's frame. While the Cowboys will give Devin Street the true wide receiver work, I think in terms of production Escobar will have more. Tony Romo has worked more with him in the past and of Escobar's 20 catches, seven have gone for touchdowns. Ultimately, the Cowboys will go with a committee approach to replace Bryant's production. Going into this game against Philadelphia, I think Escobar has a great chance to produce like he has yet to produce in his career. @toddarcher: It is not Rod Marinelli's style to bring a lot of blitzes. He wants to rely on his front four to get pressure and not give up big plays. If you bring extra pass-rushers, you are susceptible to the big play. Against the Giants, the Cowboys brought an extra rusher a handful of times. I don't think you will see the Cowboys change much tactically without Gregory. They will try to Band-Aid the pass rush with different players, like Ryan Russell and Kyle Wilber, but it's not Marinelli's nature to gamble, especially when the Eagles play at such a fast pace. The best hope is to hope DeMarcus Lawrence, Jeremy Mincey, Tyrone Crawford and Terrell McClain can get close to Sam Bradford or force early throws. Perhaps they throw a slot blitz or two at Bradford but the Cowboys will not become blitz happy. @toddarcher: I can't pinpoint a game because I don't think the Cowboys can pinpoint a game. As of this writing, Michael has had five practices with the Cowboys. He will need some time to learn a new system. I've written in the past that we put too much emphasis on a running back's ability to pick up a blitz when the No. 1 job of the back is to run the ball. That being said, Michael will need time to learn the protection schemes. And even once he gets that down it's just difficult to take four tailbacks to the game. There are just not enough snaps out there. I don't know how Michael can show in practice, running mostly the scout team, he will be ready to be the guy. Injuries happen and that could be the way he gets on the field first. As far as the future starter, I would just be guessing. He was a disappointment in Seattle as a second-round draft pick, but given what the Cowboys have now at running back, perhaps the change of scenery does him well and he can reach the potential many had for him when he came into the league.