Jason Garrett knows what former teammate Dan Campbell will experience

"It's a challenge when they happen during the season," Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said of the coaching change in Miami, "but Dan Campbell was a teammate of mine and he's just a hell of a guy and I think he's a really good football guy." AP Photo/Brandon Wade

IRVING, Texas -- Being named an interim head coach is not an easy thing. Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett knows what Dan Campbell is about to go through with the Miami Dolphins.

In 2010, Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones made the first in-season firing in his history with the team, replacing Wade Phillips after a 1-7 start and replacing him with Garrett.

With Tony Romo out with a broken collarbone (sound familiar?), the Cowboys went 5-3 with Garrett as the interim coach and it earned him the full-time gig after the season. The Cowboys three losses were by a combined seven points.

"I can only speak to my experience. We just knew we had to focus on the day and somehow someway making that particular day great," Garrett said. "And that's really the culture that we've tried to establish here. You let what's happened in the past go and you focus on the task at hand and typically the task at hand is being great on that particular day. We're trying to have a great day here on Monday at Valley Ranch and I'm sure they're trying to do the same thing down there in Miami."

Garrett was a teammate of Campbell's with the New York Giants. He played with the Cowboys from 2003-05 as one of Bill Parcells' first free-agent signings and played a role in the early development of Jason Witten.

Garrett paid respect to the coach Campbell is replacing, Joe Philbin.

"Sometimes these things happen," Garrett said. "It's a challenge when they happen during the season but Dan Campbell was a teammate of mine and he's just a hell of a guy and I think he's a really good football guy. I think somehow someway he's going to help that football team get righted and he's going to do that because he's a really willful guy. He's got a great personality and he's a tough guy and I just wish him nothing but the best."

Of course, he hopes Campbell does not have much success on Nov. 22 when the Cowboys play the Dolphins. That's the first game Tony Romo, a former teammate of Campbell as well, will be eligible from his current broken collarbone.

Garrett said he could see Campbell as a coach when they were teammates in New York.

"Always a very smart guy," Garrett said. "Knew the game really well, knew things beyond his position and really cared about it, cared about detail, always wanted to know more and loved to play, has a great passion for playing, a great passion for teams and a great passion for the game of football."