As scout team QB, Tony Romo looks like Tony Romo

IRVING, Texas -- The last time Tony Romo was a scout-team quarterback was 2006. He's developed into one of the NFL's best quarterbacks since but he's gone back in time the last two weeks as he works returns from a broken collarbone.

Romo is on the injured reserve/designated to return list and has been able to practice the last two weeks. He took the scout-team snaps last Friday and again Thursday.

"I thought it was pretty funny seeing him out there," tight end Jason Witten said. "And he was in rare form, just as he always is. He's such a competitor and moving guys around, adjusting the routes and the protection. Just good to see him back out there. He brings a lot of energy in that huddle even though it was on scout team."

Was he Romo or was he Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston?

"I think Romo is always going to be Romo, right?," Witten joked.

The Dallas Cowboys are attempting to get Romo up to speed quickly so when he can return to practice next week he is not so far behind. The 11-on-11 work in practice is the closest they can get him to game action. Thursday's practice mostly deals with third downs and the two-minute work.

Romo will make his return Nov. 22 against the Miami Dolphins.

Offensive coordinator Scott Linehan said Romo looked "really good."

"Looks like he's close to 100 percent, I don't know what 100 percent means this time of year but he looks good," Linehan said. "He's excited to get out there. Obviously we got one more week, our minds are on that, but so far so good."

The Cowboys have lost six straight without Romo and almost need to end the losing streak Sunday against the Buccaneers to make sure Romo's return can mean something.

"You know, we're anxious to get him back," Witten said. "He's our franchise quarterback, our leader, but our focus has been on this week of getting the win and getting ourselves back in position. The sole focus this entire week has been doing what we can to allow us to win this game. We're worried about next week when we get there with him coming back."