Cowboys take QB in Todd McShay's latest mock draft

IRVING, Texas -- The Carson Wentz hype train continues.

ESPN Insider Todd McShay has the North Dakota State quarterback going to the Dallas Cowboys in his second mock draft of the offseason.

It makes sense. The Cowboys’ coaches worked with Wentz last week at the Senior Bowl, so they got to know him well. The Cowboys have a need for a quarterback, both as a backup and a potential successor to Tony Romo.

But I do wonder if Wentz train is too hyped up at this point.

McShay said he believes Wentz is a sure first-round talent. The question now is if he is a top-of-the-draft first-round talent.

Right now Wentz’s stock is peaking because most people, from legitimate draft gurus to wannabe draft gurus to folks that cover NFL teams and have a hard enough time covering their own team let alone watching a ton of college football (hand raised), are just now getting information on him.

To me, despite the perception that Wentz is “rising up the draft boards,” by April he could settle in into the teens and low 20s in the first round when all the work is done.

At the Senior Bowl, I saw a quarterback who can move and make all the throws, and he looked like he had some solid leadership skills with how he interacted with his teammates.

Earlier on Wednesday on Twitter, I was asked if the Cowboys’ “love” of Wentz is legit. I said the Cowboys like him, but I don’t know that they love him. I don’t know that they really love anybody right now. There is a long way to go before any relationship develops.

Right now the relationship is at the point where the girl is handed a note at recess and asked to check a box whether she likes Billy or really, really likes Billy. Whatever she checks doesn’t mean they are about to get married.

In his first mock draft, McShay had the Cowboys taking Notre Dame linebacker Jaylon Smith, whose brother Rod is a running back on the Dallas roster. That was before Smith’s knee injury in the bowl game.

Mel Kiper’s first mock draft had the Cowboys taking Oregon defensive end DeForest Buckner. There are questions about whether he fits the Cowboys’ scheme. He might be more of a 3-4 player.