Twitter mailbag: Passing on a veteran quarterback

IRVING, Texas – The Dallas Cowboys' Twitter mailbag is ready.

In it we discuss:

  • Passing on a free-agent quarterback

  • A runner in free agency or the draft

  • Salary cap space

Away we go:

@toddarcher: Let me answer the second part first: Rolando McClain is more likely to re-sign than Morris Claiborne, but that's just a guess. I don't think anything is locked in stone, so don't get carried away. But the main question is at quarterback. The more I hear Scott Linehan talk about Kellen Moore, the more I think he will not press the issue for a veteran backup. That would steer the Cowboys into a must-have in the draft for a quarterback. As for the veterans that will be available, remember, opportunity will matter to them. Tony Romo is the starter without question. So now you're talking about guys such as Case Keenum, Drew Stanton, Colt McCoy, Chase Daniel and Matt Moore. I'm on record saying McCoy would be an interesting option. His agent is David Dunn, who also represents Linehan and Jason Garrett. Dunn also represents Matt Cassel, whom the Cowboys acquired in a trade. One name that I need to investigate more is Daniel. He has been a backup in New Orleans and Kansas City. Would the Southlake Caroll High School product like to come home? @toddarcher: It sure seems as if a lot of Cowboys fans are on the Lamar Miller bandwagon so far this offseason. He's a solid back, but honestly I would do what you advocated against: drafting a running back. You mention Miller, Chris Ivory or Alfred Morris could be cheap. None of them will be cheaper than a drafted running back, provided you don't take one at No. 4 overall. Considering how the Cowboys played the running back game last offseason, I'd be stunned if they took Ezekiel Elliott in the first round that high. But I think there will be plenty of candidates in Rounds 2-4 that could be appealing and could split the work with Darren McFadden. I'm already on record saying I'm a Kenneth Dixon fan, and nothing he did at the Senior Bowl took me off that bandwagon. Add DeVontae Booker, Alex Collins and Jordan Howard to that list as well. @toddarcher: I'm not being a wise guy when I say this, but there is no good answer. And if you read hard numbers anywhere else, it's all a guess. Here's what I can say: the Cowboys will be able to do whatever they want to do in free agency. Cap room is always a moving target because teams view the cap differently than everybody else. The Cowboys probably will restructure the contracts of Tyron Smith and Tyrone Crawford at some point this offseason and that would get them about $12 million in cap room. They could gain as much as $9.1 million in room by making Brandon Carr a June 1 cut, which would give them plenty of room for their rookies and summer signings. Redoing the contracts of Tony Romo and Dez Bryant will be a break-glass-in-case-of-emergency situation. They don't want to touch those deals. As of now the Cowboys have about $13.5 million or so in 2016 cap room but can add as much as they want to be true players. But let me add this: Free agency isn't the answer. The smarter the shopper, the better results. Sometimes having too much cap space can be a bad thing.