Jerry Jones on Titans-Rams trade: 'I didn't know Herschel Walker was still around'

IRVING, Texas – Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones knows bold.

What the Los Angeles Rams did Thursday in their trade to acquire the No. 1 overall pick from the Tennessee Titans was bold.

“I was surprised, but knowing the organization I’m not surprised,” Jones said Thursday night. “They’re really showing their colors. Step out there and go to Los Angeles, and then when you look at how they’re setting their sails and it doesn’t surprise me at all with what they’re looking for in the future. It goes to show you certainly need to be thinking about your moves way in advance of the draft if you’re going to go this early. I applaud them. It sounds like they got [what] they wanted. Then you’ve got to look at Tennessee and see all those draft picks. I didn’t know Herschel Walker was still around.”

The boldest move of the Jones era was the trade with the Minnesota Vikings for Walker in 1989. It set the Cowboys on their way to three Super Bowls in the 1990s.

The Rams gave up six premium picks over the next two seasons – their first-rounder, two second-rounders and third-rounder this year, plus their first- and third-round picks in 2017 – for the right to choose No. 1 overall. In addition they received the Titans’ fourth- and sixth-round picks.

Jones has taken chances over the years. Some have worked, like the Walker trade. Some have not, like giving up two first-round picks to the Seattle Seahawks for wide receiver Joey Galloway.

The boldest moves Jones has made in recent years have also been hit or miss. In 2012, the Cowboys made a trade with the Rams to move up to the sixth spot to take cornerback Morris Claiborne. That move has not worked out.

In 2014, it was what Jones didn't do that worked out. He passed on Johnny Manziel with the 16th pick in the draft, listened to his football people and took guard Zack Martin.

Jones sees the the Titans-Rams trade affecting the Cowboys. That move has played a part in the team’s decision to work out Cal quarterback Jared Goff this weekend. The Rams must take a quarterback, either Goff or Carson Wentz, after paying such a price to move up, but the Cowboys could be in position to take the next quarterback at No. 4 overall.

Jones wants to have every answer possible before April 28.

“Well, I don’t want to make any assumptions, but yeah, it does impact because that kind of movement up ahead of you in a lot of different ways it took a lot of the consideration out of the marketplace,” Jones said. “If you think draft picks are consideration, then it is. It certainly made a difference below that No. 1 pick as to what might be available trading or in terms of making a decision with a player. It took two commodities out. It took picks, it took a player.”