Twitter mailbag: Joey Bosa wouldn't be a reach

IRVING, Texas -- The Dallas Cowboys' Twitter mailbag is ready.

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@toddarcher: Why would Joey Bosa be considered a reach at No. 4? That wouldn't be a reach. That would be a prudent pick. The Cowboys need pass-rush help. They have needed it for a few years now and they will need it in the future. They needed it before the news of DeMarcus Lawrence's suspension. I get that some aren't sure how high Bosa's ceiling will be but the kid produced in college at the highest level. I think he will be a fine pro. I wouldn't be mad if the Cowboys made Bosa the pick. I think he'll be fine. As to the first question you asked, I think the Cowboys would pick Jalen Ramsey. It's not a knock on Ezekiel Elliott at all. It's just that Ramsey would fill a couple of holes for the Cowboys. I do worry about the three career interceptions but I'm not so sure it bothers the Cowboys as it might some others.

@toddarcher: Finally off the draft train. Although in a way we can look at Chaz Green as a draft pick since he didn't play last year after the Cowboys took him in the third round. It is really hard to make a projection on him because I've never seen him in pads for a full practice. He spent last year on the physically unable to perform list after hip surgery. He was able to practice for three weeks, which was something of a bonus, but the Cowboys did not open a roster spot for him. When he got on the field, I was told he showed more strength than what he exhibited in his few spring practices. That's a good sign. But it'll take a lot to get the job away from Doug Free. It was one thing to swap La'el Collins for Ronald Leary last year. It's another to put an untested player in for a veteran at an important position. Without having seen him actually play here, I think the Cowboys should hope he's the swing tackle on game day and a potential starter in 2017.

@toddarcher: No, I don't think they change their thought process. Every team believes the best way to build a team is through the draft. That's not a novel concept. The Cowboys have taken a step back in their free-agency approach because they have seen how big money does not equate to big success. Honestly, the teams that have spent big this offseason won't see the return on their investments either. But I don't think the Cowboys are done forever with free agency. They just want to be smart and play the odds. There have been times where they knowingly overspent and it has burned them. It's a lot cheaper to be burned by draft picks but that can be costly too because then you're chasing that position and throwing more money or picks at it.