Twitter mailbag: Cowboys take down help-wanted signs for now

IRVING, Texas -- The Dallas Cowboys' Twitter mailbag is ready.

In it we discuss:

@toddarcher: Stephen Jones was asked this question the other day and he basically said no, but also acknowledged things can change quickly. Players can unexpectedly be released who would fill a hole on the Cowboys’ roster, but by and large I think the Cowboys are through with free agency. They had Jason Jones in for a visit before the draft and the veteran defensive end remains available. He could be an option but if you go with what Stephen Jones said, that might be over. Once training camp begins there can be another wave of free agency that hits when players get hurt. Stephen Jones said the Cowboys have a list of players available at all positions. So for those wondering about Antonio Cromartie: The Cowboys are not interested even if you think they should be.

@toddarcher: If you’re asking outside of the first four games, then it has to be Collins, right? After the first four games, the Cowboys should have DeMarcus Lawrence and Randy Gregory back on the field, so that would cut into the snaps for Tapper, their fourth-round pick. Now, if Tapper sets the world on fire and has a sack a game, maybe things change, but how often does that sort of thing happen for a fourth-round pick as a rookie? The Cowboys look at Collins as a cornerstone player up front. He will be part of the defensive-tackle rotation behind Tyrone Crawford. With Crawford’s ability to play outside, even after the returns of Lawrence and Gregory, that could give Collins more of a chance to make plays.

@toddarcher: I know there are a lot of people wondering if McFadden’s days are numbered because of the arrival of Ezekiel Elliott and the potential cap savings if he is cut and or traded. I don’t see it happening. While I believe Elliott will excel as a rookie, I’d still hedge some of my bets just to have some insurance in case he struggles. McFadden can also serve a third-down role, which is something that could be likely with Lance Dunbar's health situation. As for Leary, it’s an interesting decision. He costs a lot of money and he could be inactive on game day. But the Cowboys would be kicking themselves if one of their interior linemen gets hurt during the season and they've traded Leary away. I’m not saying the Cowboys won’t deal Leary, but they won’t give him away for free. And remember this: If Leary signs a decent free-agent deal in 2017, the Cowboys would be able to secure a compensatory pick in 2018.