Twitter mailbag: How much pressure on Jason Garrett?

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@toddarcher: I don't think there is a set number. I'm not even sure he needs to make it to the playoffs. But I chose this question for another reason: After a 12-4 finish in 2014, Garrett has not received any benefit of the doubt for what happened in 2015. It's probably a byproduct of three straight 8-8 finishes from 2011-13. Garrett entered 2014 without a contract for the following season and helped direct the Cowboys to an NFC East title. The arrow on everything was pointing up. And then 2015 happened and now the arrow teeters between even and down. That's just how it is in the NFL. Jerry Jones has been patient with Garrett and short of a complete meltdown like the Cowboys had under Wade Phillips in 2010, it's hard to see Garrett not back in 2017 as we sit here today. Is there pressure? Of course. Is it as much as the pressure facing Jeff Fisher, Rex Ryan and some others? Nobody really knows. @toddarcher: I really like this question because so much of the focus has been on Ezekiel Elliott since the draft. We know it won't be Jaylon Smith, their second-rounder. We know it won't be Dak Prescott, one of their fourth-rounders. At least it shouldn't be him. If it's one of their sixth-rounders, then they received unexpected contributions. Of the four picks in the sixth round, I'd say Anthony Brown has the best chance to succeed. But the most productive? It has to be Maliek Collins or Charles Tapper. Based on need, especially with the penalties facing Randy Gregory and DeMarcus Lawrence, I'm going to say Tapper. While the Cowboys have touted Collins as a cornerstone type of defender, they have some interior linemen who can play. They don't have as many known quantities at pass-rusher. Tapper has tremendous athleticism but he is still a raw rookie trying to find his way. The coaches should just say, "Rush the quarterback," and don't worry about anything else, kind of like Bill Cowher to Greg Lloyd back in the day. @toddarcher: I believe Brice Butler is one of the more intriguing offseason stories, but I don't know if he becomes the No. 2 receiver this year. He has a chance to contribute, provided he finds a way to be consistent. He has what you want in a receiver but he hasn't put it all together yet. And I think people are far too critical of Terrance Williams. I get that people always want more and more, but Williams has been productive behind Dez Bryant and when he was asked to step into Bryant's role last year, the quarterback play - or the coaching of the quarterbacks - was not up to snuff. I think Butler is a guy with a wide catch radius and has good enough speed to stretch defenses. I just want to see him be the same guy every day this summer in camp, not great one day and invisible the next.