Twitter mailbag: Dak Prescott's mental toughness to be tested

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@toddarcher: I'm going to take Prescott at his word that nothing will change with him now that Tony Romo is closer than ever to being able to play again. I've heard from quite a few people that believe Prescott will be looking over his shoulder now that Romo is back in the fold, and that's not a good thing. I don't believe that will be the case at all. We've heard Prescott say how supportive and helpful Romo has been to him. Romo has allowed the success to shine on the rookie by being quiet. If Prescott starts to look at the sideline once he throws a bad pass or has one intercepted, then he is not as mentally tough as everybody believes. I believe he has that mental toughness to withstand Romo's return. The duty of the coaches is to present the best roster possible each week. If Romo is healthy enough to play and game-ready, which seems to be the question this week, then he should be on the 46-man roster. The Cowboys are a better team with Romo on the roster. That is an undeniable fact. That doesn't mean he automatically assumes the starting role. I think we can all infer the Cowboys will continue with Prescott's hot hand. But they can also sleep well knowing that if the hand turns cold they can go to Romo once again. I believe that's why Jerry Jones always says "this is a good problem to have."

@toddarcher: I don't think so. Look, every team in the division plays the same 14 teams. The only difference is two conference foes that finished in the same place in the standings in 2015. So the Cowboys have played San Francisco and will play Tampa Bay. I guess that is something of an edge, but the Giants, Redskins and Eagles play the same teams in the AFC and NFC North. If the Cowboys were sneaking by some of these teams, then maybe I'd believe you were on to something, but they aren't. They won some of these games pretty handily. They are about to enter the toughest stretch of the season with Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Washington, Minnesota and the Giants. If anything, the softer schedule has allowed the Cowboys to build up confidence in addition to wins.

@toddarcher: If the Cowboys end up winning this whole thing or going to the Super Bowl or finishing with a great regular-season record, I can see NFL Films pointing to that day when things changed. Maybe that would be the launching point for a 30 for 30 years from now. I don't think the Cowboys would be 7-1 with Moore as their starter. I don't think they would be 1-7 either. I think you'd see a team somewhere in the 5-3 range. That's not because of the belief in Moore, though Scott Linehan surely has that. It's the way this team would play. The runner matters, as Jason Garrett likes to say. Ezekiel Elliott would still be among the NFL's leading rushers and the Cowboys offensive line would still dominate. Would they make the plays in the passing game that they have with Prescott? Maybe not, but Moore threw for 435 yards in last season's finale. I think the Cowboys would have been OK. But once Moore went down in camp and the Cowboys were unable to land a veteran, they were forced to go with Prescott as Romo's backup. Now you see where luck plays into the NFL equation.