Morris Claiborne eyeing return for divisional round of playoffs

FRISCO, Texas -- Morris Claiborne will miss his ninth straight game Sunday because of a groin injury. But he plans to be back in the playoffs.

“That’s my goal,” Claiborne said. “That’s what I’m getting myself ready for right now.”

Claiborne last played Oct. 30 against the Eagles before going down with a non-contact injury. The Cowboys’ window for his return was six to 10 weeks when he was injured, which had him originally hoping for some regular-season work.

“I just feel like I’ll be all right,” Claiborne said. “I can’t tell you why. I just got that feeling I’ll be OK.”

Two weeks ago, Claiborne went through a strenuous workout that left him sore and caused him to back off for a stretch. He said he is back to full speed and has the lateral movement necessary to play but his strength and conditioning need work.

“We did a lot on [Tuesday] and came back today and responded pretty good and we did a lot more today,” Claiborne said. “So it was two good work days with adding stuff on top of it. It’s holding up, feeling pretty good.”