If Cowboys are looking for backup QB, why not Colin Kaepernick?

FRISCO, Texas -- When it comes to the Dallas Cowboys, there is always plenty to talk about regarding the starting quarterback as well as the backup quarterback.

It’s been a way of life with this franchise since the days of Don Meredith.

In this week’s Twitter mailbag, let’s look into the quarterback situation.

On Thursday, ESPN’s Dan Graziano updated his Quarterback Confidence Index and the Cowboys checked in at No. 19. Now, before you fly off the handle, that doesn’t mean Graziano believes Dak Prescott is the 19th-best quarterback in the NFL. It just means he believes the entire quarterback situation -- starter, backups -- comes in at that point.

Graziano has the Cowboys in the “Let’s See Some More” category, which is fair, considering Prescott is entering only his second season. Prescott was great in 2016, winning the Offensive Rookie of the Year award. He won over the coaches. He won over the locker room. He played well above any expectations anybody could have had for him.

But there should be some “let’s see some more” from everybody, including the Cowboys. That doesn’t mean you doubt Prescott can do it again. I believe he will have a better season this year, but he will throw more than four interceptions. Graziano points out Robert Griffin III and Nick Foles, who had great seasons in the NFC East in their first years starting but quickly crashed in their second seasons.

Again, I believe Prescott will be fine. I also believe Kellen Moore will be a suitable backup. I believed that last year when he entered camp as Tony Romo’s No. 2. He’s smart. He knows the system. Most importantly -- and this is something I believe all players need to understand -- he knows what he isn’t. He won’t try to do things he’s not capable of doing.

But back to the Twitter question about adding a veteran quarterback.

It was interesting to hear executive vice president Stephen Jones twice mention the possibility of signing a veteran when we spoke to him last week at the Cowboys’ sponsors golf tournament. He didn’t say they would add a veteran, but he said it is possible.

The Cowboys have undrafted free agents Cooper Rush and Austin Appleby under contract behind Prescott and Moore. Based on the limited work we saw in the rookie minicamp, both are a long way away from being ready to play in a game.

There has been plenty of discussion across the league about Colin Kaepernick not having a job yet. I asked around on Kaepernick, and the answer was, “Not a fit.” Why not? There would not be a significant investment required to sign him. His game would seem to be more in line with what Prescott does than what Moore does. Of course, Moore has the blessings of offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, so that helps. Kaepernick went 1-10 last year with the San Francisco 49ers, but he had 16 touchdown passes and four interceptions. Kaepernick is still young enough and has big-game experience.

I’d like to believe the Cowboys would not be shy in signing him because of his taking a knee during the national anthem. They have taken chances on a number of players over the years -- Tank Johnson, Adam Jones, Greg Hardy, Randy Gregory -- when there was a real or perceived distraction that would come with those additions. When Kaepernick signs with a team, it will be a story for a few days and then he will proceed as a backup quarterback, a position for which headlines are few and far between.

If not Kaepernick, who? RG III? Aaron Murray? Zach Mettenberger? Austin Davis? Thaddeus Lewis?

None of those names would be as credible as Kaepernick.