Rapid Reaction: Mavs 88, Raptors 57

LAS VEGAS -- The Dallas Mavericks beat the Toronto Raptors in the team's final game of the preliminary round of the Las Vegas Summer League. The Mavs finished with a record of 2-1 in the preliminary round.

How it happened: The Mavs made a full 180 from their opening game of the prelims to their final one. Chemistry was there, and the players who needed to play well ultimately have done what they needed to do.

Ricky Ledo shined again, playing with a little more poise as he led the Mavs with a game-high 18 points on 4-of-9 shooting. He showed more of his versatility by attacking the glass with four rebounds and facilitating with five assists.

Gal Mekel continued to show a nice and steady hand as the team's point guard. He finished the game with 11 points on 5-of-8 shooting. While he didn't record a single assist, he did a solid job of getting the team in its sets and communicating on the floor. His jumper is still a work in progress, but he appears to be shooting it with more confidence.

Bernard James looked solid, finishing the game with six points and seven rebounds in just under 19 minutes of action.

Forward Ivan Johnson had struggled with his perimeter jumper in the team's previous two games. Showing a strong sense of confidence, Johnson continued to shoot the shots when they were there and the results finally came around. After going 1-of-11 from beyond the arc in the first two games in Vegas, Johnson bounced back with a nice 2-for-4 shooting performance from long range. He finished the game with eight points.

What it means: Dallas now moves on to tournament play in the league. All teams advance to this portion and seeding will be determined by record, with ties being broken using tiebreaker criteria. Teams seeded 9-24 will play in the first round of the tournament and teams seeded 1-8 will receive a first-round bye. The tournament will consist of five single-elimination rounds to determine the NBA summer league champion. The Mavs will know where they stand after play on Tuesday.

Mavs player of the game: Ledo shined once again. He has some bad habits, mainly trying to create extra space when he attacked off the dribble. The referees are catching on to it, but Ledo remains aggressive. Many members of the coaching staff were impressed with his vision as he recorded a game-high five assists.

Stat of the day: You can't necessarily say the Mavs had a high level of defensive disposition, but they did hold the Raptors to 30.2 percent shooting from the field. Dallas shot 50.8 percent from the field in the victory.