Byrne: Big 12 ADs to meet on Longhorn Network

DALLAS – Texas A&M athletic director Bill Byrne Big 12 athletic directors and conference staff will meet to discuss the issues about the Longhorn Network “within the next few weeks.”

Byrne returned from vacation in Alaska on Sunday and does not know if the exact date has been planned or who will be attending.

“I don’t know if others have been invited but we’re having a meeting coming up here very quickly in the next few weeks and we’ll talk some more about that,” Byrne said. “If I have some things to say after that meeting, I will.”

Byrne did not mention what would be talked about during the meeting, but concerns have been raised about the new network giving Texas an unfair advantage in recruiting if it broadcasts high school football games.

The Houston Chronicle reported the NCAA and the University of Texas are discussing the issue but Byrne is surprised a ruling has not been made so far.

“I had anticipated something from the NCAA sooner than this and I don’t know what is holding them up,” Byrne said. “They’ve got a new staff there and a new president, so that might be the issue.”

Regardless of the result from the meetings about the Longhorn Network, Byrne reiterated his commitment to the Big 12 despite talks the school would leave the conference due to the Longhorn Network and the absence of a written agreement between the conference’s remaining 10 schools.

“We want the Big 12 to stay together,” he said. “I think it’s good for all of us to stay together. We all have natural rivalries. We’re all in the same time zone. I think it’s really important to stay together. You’ll remember about a year ago we worked, really worked, to make sure the conference would stay together. We haven’t changed our opinion on that.”