TCU's big pickup a sign of what's to come?

Only two running backs in the 2011 class were projected to have more success than Aaron Green.

Texas' Malcolm Brown and Georgia's Isaiah Crowell have done just that, leading their respective teams in rushing in the 2011 season.

Green, however, was stuck on Nebraska's bench behind Rex Burkhead and fellow newcomer Ameer Abdullah. He rushed just 24 times for 105 yards and two touchdowns.

He decided he wanted a change of pace, and tweeted this week that he planned to transfer to TCU. No official announcement has been made, but if Green does indeed land in Fort Worth, the impact could be a welcome sign for the whole new world TCU has opened up with its Big 12 membership.

TCU has three 700-yard rushers returning in 2012 for its inaugural season in the Big 12, but do the Horned Frogs land Green if they're still stuck in the Mountain West?

Do they even sniff Green?

He's just a transfer, and will sit out a year, but he was the No. 11 player in the nation in 2011. How many of those has TCU ever landed?

More importantly, how many more will they get?

Those are all rhetorical questions with very scary answers for the rest of the Big 12. Green isn't from the Dallas metroplex, he hails from San Antonio.

On the recruiting trail, I've predicted that TCU will see huge dividends in the DFW area. Green doesn't exactly personify that idea, but TCU is a program in a major metro area that's proved it can win on the big stage.

Can it continue to win big in a bigger league? Green apparently didn't need much convincing to believe it could.

It'd be foolish for Green to try and earn a waiver to play immediately. After this season, two of TCU's three rushers who received at least 100 carries in 2011 will graduate, and Green looks like a perfect fit. I said he should go to TCU as soon as he announced plans to leave Nebraska.

Can TCU win big in the Big 12? Green looks poised to help the Horned Frogs prove they can.