Mike Sherman: Texas in A&M's shadow

During last year's realignment saga, there were plenty of murmurs that coach Mike Sherman wasn't on board with the Aggies' move to the SEC.

He says that wasn't the case, as long as it was for the right reasons.

"Some thought I didn’t want to go to the SEC," Sherman told the Houston Chronicle's John McClain on Thursday. "I didn’t have a problem going to the SEC as long as it was for the right reasons. I did have a problem with those Aggies who wanted to go to the SEC to get out of Texas’ shadow."

There were at least a few of those, but the Aggies moved for more reasons than that. Sherman, who was fired before the bowl game after going 6-6 last season with a team that started in the top 10, now is the offensive coordinator for the Miami Dolphins.

His starting quarterback this season is the same as last season, top-10 pick and former Aggie Ryan Tannehill.

Sherman doesn't think the "get out of Texas' shadow" excuse has any merit. In fact, he sees it the other way around.

"I’ve never thought A&M was in Texas’ shadow. When they stood together, I thought Texas was in A&M’s shadow, but not enough (Aggies) realized it," Sherman said.

Well, I'm not quite sure about all this "shadow" talk, but both teams have pretty tall stadiums, I guess?

The bottom line: Texas has racked up a more impressive resume in the history of its program. The Longhorns have four national titles and a pair of Heisman winners, compared to Texas A&M's one of each. Texas' stadium seats 17,000 more fans than the Aggies', and Texas has 859 wins compared to Texas A&M's 681.

The Longhorns also have 32 conference titles to Texas A&M's 18.

That's a big gap.

Define "shadow" however you want, but Texas A&M's accomplishments don't measure up to Texas'. Maybe that changes in the SEC, but Texas A&M has a long way to go to catch up.