Projecting the future of the Big 12

Our colleagues at ESPN.com are taking a look at the future of college football this week, and that includes a ranking of the top 25 teams over the next three years.

You'll need Insider to see the full rankingsInsider, which we won't be giving away here, but there's not a single Big 12 team in the top 10. Do you think that's fair? There's a case to be made either way, no doubt.

Texas topped the Big 12 teams making the top 25, closely followed by Oklahoma. The guys at HornsNation and SoonerNation took those rankings a step further with a closer look at both teams. What could help them climb and reach higher than that ranking? What could cause them to slip? You can find out there.

Oklahoma State, Baylor and TCU also cracked the list. I'd say a case is to be made for Texas Tech and West Virginia, too, but I don't think I'd argue excluding them. Texas Tech has a lot to prove just yet and West Virginia hasn't handled the transition to the Big 12 very well so far.

Our crews evaluated every program on five criteria: Coaching, current talent, recruiting, title path and program power.

The first three are pretty self-explanatory. The title path deals with the quality of conference and opponent strength, but only accounts for 10 percent of the final number. Coaching and current talent account for 55 percent of the total ranking.

Program power is 20 percent of the ranking, and "accounts for fan and institutional support, facilities, resources and history, in addition to intangible factors."

Really cool project from our Insider team. I'd encourage you to all check out the joint effort from Mark Schlabach, Travis Haney, Brock Huard, Tom Luginbill and Todd McShay.