Brees: No Ware would be 'big blow'

IRVING, Texas -- New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees considers DeMarcus Ware one of the most dominant defensive forces in the game.

However, Brees was smart enough not to say publicly that the Dallas Cowboys will be in big trouble if a neck injury keeps Ware from playing Saturday night.

"He's one of the best in the game, if not the best," Brees said during a conference call with Valley Ranch media. "He's a great football player and I think I know what he brings to them just from a leadership standpoint, just because I know him a little bit and obviously know the way his teammates feel about it. I know that would probably be a big blow to them.

"What I do see is the rest of the defense is pretty stout as well. I'm sure that they have somebody that would be able to fill his role if he is not able to play and the rest of the defense would rally together."

Sounds like Brees has more confidence in Victor Butler than the Cowboys coaches. Or Brees would, if he knew who Butler was.