Roy to fans: Put your popcorn down

IRVING, Texas -- Unlike another receiver who used to call Valley Ranch home, Roy Williams isn't much of a popcorn promoter.

In fact, he's requesting that Cowboys fans at JerryWorld spend less time munching on popcorn and put more effort into making noise.

"It’s not loud because the fans are sitting their watching the JumboTron, eating their popcorn, enjoying the movie on the screen until the game gets exciting at the end to where we need the fans," Williams said. "At the end, that’s when it gets really loud.

"But you go to New Orleans, where it’s just loud the whole game until we take them out of it. Then when they got back into it, we couldn’t hear in the huddle.

"That’s what we need in this big stadium. You’ve got 80,000-plus fans. I understand looking at that JumboTron it gets mesmerizing, but we need them to cheer as well."