Paperwork holding up Wade and Jerry

ARLINGTON, Texas -- As he headed to an elevator at Cowboys Stadium on Sunday night, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said paperwork is the only holdup in picking up the team option for coach Wade Phillips.

Now, Jones hasn't presented Phillips with his extended deal. In fact, Jones said the two haven't talked about 2010 at all. Jones is probably waiting for the playoff run to end, which starts this weekend, before extending Phillips.

"I really don't know how you can sit here and make a change with the winningest percentage coach that we’ve ever had in the history of the Cowboys," Jones said. "I'm doing a little Wade Phillips on you here, it's always been about out uptick. It's always been about our edge and we know that ultimately there's a swoon if you miss out at a game in the playoffs and go home. But at this particular time, he's looking good."

Phillips is 33-16 as a Cowboys coach and 81-58 overall. He became the first Cowboys coach in team history to lead a defense to consecutive shutouts and the first to win multiple division titles since Barry Switzer did it three times in the 1990s.

More important, the Cowboys finished December/January with a winning record (3-2) for the first time since since 1996, when they went 2-1 under Barry Switzer.

"We did some things that teams have not done before, which is pretty amazing because the Dallas Cowboys are a tremendous organization that has won a lot of games," Phillips said. "The back-to-back shutouts are something our defense can really be proud of."

As far as the others assistant coaches are concerned, they are all under contract for 2010.