Cowboys plan for aggressive offseason

IRVING, Texas -- Jerry Jones is well aware of the restrictions regarding free agency entering the uncapped season.

He doesn't plan on letting that stop him from upgrading the Dallas Cowboys' roster.

"We will continue to be very aggressive in trying to find talented players that fit us even better than maybe one that we have now," Jones said. "We’ll be very aggressive about that."

As a team that lost in the divisional round, the Cowboys can sign only one unrestricted free agent for an estimated $5.5 million or more in the first year of the contract. They can sign an unlimited amount of unrestricted free agents to contracts with a first-year salary of $3.7 million or less.

(Because backup guard Montrae Holland is the Cowboys' only unrestricted free agent, the rule allowing a Final Eight team to sign a free agent to an equal salary for each one they lose doesn't really apply to the Cowboys.)

Now that we've got all that legalese out of the way, realize this: The Cowboys made significant upgrades that would have followed these rules last offseason. DE Igor Olshansky was their semi-big-ticket free agent. LB Keith Brooking and SS Gerald Sensabaugh signed for well under $3.7 million salaries.

It's not the finances that could keep the Cowboys from upgrading in free agency. It's the fact that so many more free agents are restricted due to the new rules. The market isn't nearly as deep as normal.

Of course, there's always the draft and trade market.