Jerry: No need for more WRs

IRVING, Texas -- According to Jerry Jones, wide receiver will not be a draft priority for the Dallas Cowboys.

"We've got some receivers, enough where if I left the draft without a receiver, I'd sleep like a baby," Jerry said.

Believe that at your own risk. Jerry has a recent track record of fibbing when it comes to receivers.

You might recall Jerry talking in the spring of '08 about how Terry Glenn would play a significant role for the Cowboys. Glenn was cut on the first day of training camp.

You might recall Jerry denying in the middle of the '08 season that the Cowboys were trying to trade for a receiver. He pulled the trigger on a blockbuster deal with Detroit to get Roy Williams.

You might recall Jerry essentially assuring Terrell Owens' return last offseason. Weeks later, Jerry drew a line in the tablecloth and cut T.O.

Now Jerry says the Cowboys don't need to draft a receiver? It's almost enough to make me think Notre Dame's Golden Tate is going to the Cowboys with the 27th overall pick.