Cowboys favor new overtime rules

ORLANDO -- The new overtime rules are gaining some support.

Coach Wade Phillips said Monday from the NFL owners meetings that he’s in favor of the new overtime rule.

Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones, who is on the competition committee, will vote for a rule change.

Committee members and coaches will talk about the change Tuesday. A final vote on whether or not the new rule takes effect for the 2010 postseason will be revealed Wednesday.

The new rule would eliminate sudden death. If a team scored first by field goal, then the other team would gain a possession and have to score a touchdown to win the game or kick a field goal to extend it.

“The premise overall I think is good,” Phillips said. “The percentages are going up. Before it was closer to 50-50 after the coin toss. Now it’s going up because offenses are better and moving the ball better and long field goals are better. It’s the appropriate time to start talking about something like that.”