Eagles' Celek: I can't wait to play Brooking

It comes as no surprise that Keith Brooking's comments about the predictability of the Eagles' offense ruffled some feathers in Philadelphia.

Brooking made the comments on ESPN 103.3's Galloway and Company last week to support his belief that the Philly front office was foolish to shop Donovan McNabb. An Eagles star offered his retort Monday on GAC.

Eagles tight end Brent Celek, best known around these parts as the dude who got flagged for the Captain Morgan celebration, got his britches in a bunch when he heard what Brooking had to say. One of Celek's best buddies is McNabb replacement Kevin Kolb, whom the tight end firmly believes will emerge as an elite quarterback.

And Celek called bull on Brooking's claim that the Dallas defense knew what was coming in Cowboys' three wins over the Eagles last season. The Eagles scored a grand total of 30 points in those three games.

"That kind of irked me a little bit," said Celek, who caught 76 passes for 971 yards and eight touchdowns last season. "I don’t think they knew exactly the plays we were running when we were running them. You know, they played better than us in those games, and I’ll give them credit. They did do a good job. But for him to say that, I totally disagree with him.

"I tell you what, I can’t wait to play him next year."

Celek got a little smart-mouthed when asked what he'd say to Brooking when they first saw each other on the field next season.

"I can’t say that on radio, guys," Celek said. "Every time we went down there, you see him trying to get the crowd riled up on that big jumbotron. It gets me going. I can’t wait to play him again."

Brooking can put that on his bulletin board, right next to the picture of the Vikings celebrating their run-it-up touchdown.