Wide receivers responding to Dez Bryant

Thursday night, a source said the Cowboys will attempt to trade backup wide receiver Sam Hurd to give him the options of gaining more playing time with another team.

While Hurd is grateful for an opportunity to compete, he's tired of being a special teams ace.

Drafting wide receiver Dez Bryant in the first round will do that to a fella.

Now we have Patrick Crayton, who was the No. 3 wideout on the team reacting to Bryant's selection by the Cowboys.

Well, we have Crayton's agent, Fred Lyles saying, "I am not surprised with the direction of the Cowboys. Crayton is a professional and accepts the decision(s) assoicated with the NFL business."

The Cowboys have told Lyles they're not trading Crayton.

Quarterback Tony Romo trusts Crayton and for now the team doesn't want to give that up.

Roy E. Williams has welcomed Bryant with open arms and said competition is a good thing. We still have not heard from Miles Austin, but we assume, he's fine with Bryant as well.