More Roy Williams on Dez Bryant

Thursday night we had a nice five minute chat with wide receiver Roy E. Williams regarding the draft selection of Dez Bryant by the Cowboys.

Williams' troubles on the field are well documented, so it doesn't make too much sense to bring it up again. However, we do note that quarterback Tony Romo told us on Wednesday his chemistry with Williams is getting better during the voluntary offseason workouts.

Whether or not that translates to success between the two is uncertain.

Bryant joining the team adds to speculation that somebody among the wide receivers won't be around in 2010.

Williams will be.

"Yeah, with Dez it opens up competition which brings out the best in the guys," Williams said. "So to me whether we drafted him or not, we wanted to be the best in the league. It doesn't matter who they draft, I have to focus on my game. It's not about the quarterback, the offensive coordinator, it's on me."

Williams is one of the more highly paid players on the roster, he's signed through the 2014 season and the Bryant move could signal an end to that contract sooner rather than later.

Here's what Williams is owed in base salary and bonus through the life of the contract:

2010-$3.452 million. Williams received $9.5 in bonus money this offseason

2011-$5.109 million.

2012-$6.802 million.

2013-$8.498 million.

2014-$9 million.