Pearson impressed with new No. 88

Drew Pearson doesn't know Dez Bryant, but he's impressed with what he's seen from the Cowboys' next No. 88.

Pearson marveled at the 6-2, 225-pound Bryant's combination of size and explosiveness. Pearson was amazed at the size of Bryant's hands when he looked at a photo of him.

Pearson, who thought Bryant got a raw deal from the NCAA when he was suspended the final 10 games of his college career, is rooting for the Cowboys' first-round pick to live up to the legend of 88.

"They take your game away, your chance, your opportunity and all you can do is get on your knees and pray to get another chance, another opportunity," Pearson said. "I think he's been humbled. Jerry [Jones] saw that. Unfortunately other teams didn't see that, but I think this young man will have success in the NFL."

On a somewhat related note, it's way past time to put Pearson's 88 in the Ring of Honor. That's a wrong that Jerry ought to right this season.