Jamar Wall has a rough day

IRVING -- In the first two days of this three-day rookie minicamp, sixth-round pick Jamar Wall (Texas Tech) has struggled in pass coverage.

The cornerback was slipping and sliding on the grass fields here at Valley Ranch on Friday. He wore the football shoes he had at Texas Tech. So, he changed them to a pair the Cowboys gave him.

Wall said he had better footing on Saturday, yet receivers such as Dez Bryant, Manuel Johnson and Jesse Holley still beat him for long and short receptions.

"Very competitive," secondary coach Dave Campo said of Wall. "He's got work to do."

Wall said he's learning how to play closer to the wide receivers because at Tech they played a little further away from the wideouts. Wall is also trying to get adjusted to the different types of wideouts he's taking on. Bryant is big and physical, Holley and Johnson are quick receivers.

"I'm improving, but it's been good work," Wall said. "It's nothing new, but all this work is going to help me get better. These receivers are at a different level."