Dez Bryant, Day 2: Catching his breath

IRVING -- The second day of practices for first-round pick Dez Bryant went off with no health issues.

Bryant made some deep and short catches and continues to break free from defenders with ease. On Friday, the first day of the three-day rookie minicamp, Bryant was struggling with his conditioning.

Not so on Saturday. He didn't bend over as much as Friday, maybe one or two times at the most, he did have his arms resting on his helmet.

However, Bryant, who wasn't available to reporters, moved around with ease.

He even caught a few punts and showed some wiggle as he moved past would be tacklers.

After a couple of sideline catches, former Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin, patted Bryant on the backside.

"My first impression really came yesterday," Irvin said of Bryant. "I was working and got some texts, 'boy he looks great in practice.' Then I got a text that he threw up. I was like, that's great. I found it interesting, the [negative] coverage of it, because I saw it as something great."

Bryant, as we said, had no such problems on Saturday and seemed to have a bounce in his step as he walked off the practice field on Saturday.