Wade Phillips reacts to costly penalty

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Of the 12 penalties for 133 yards the Cowboys were flagged for on Sunday, Marc Colombo's unsportsmanlike penalty hurt the most.

After Tony Romo threw an 18-yard touchdown pass to Jason Witten to bring the Cowboys within 27-26, Colombo was given the ball to spike it.

After the spike, Witten and Colombo did a chest bump, which sent the right tackle to the ground, drawing a flag.

You can celebrate but if a player hits the ground during it, a flag will be thrown.

The extra point was good, but the enforcement of the penalty, 15 yards, forced kicker David Buehler to kick from the Cowboys' 15.

Marc Mariani returned the kick 73 yards to the Cowboys 11. It set up a Chris Johnson touchdown with 3:28 remaining that gave the Titans the lead for good, 34-27.

Romo said he didn't see what Colombo and Witten did.

Wade Phillips did.

"I don’t want a penalty there, no," Phillips said. "I don’t want a celebration penalty there. No, that’s not acceptable. But I'm just saying the big guy spikes the ball and falls down. It's not like it’s excessive celebration. But that’s the rule and they went by the rule and it cost us, and we didn’t cover well on the kickoff."

Some players were miffed that Johnson wasn't flagged for standing on the star in the end zone after his touchdown, with his arms stretched out. One player questioned why Colombo was penalized for doing something with a teammate, and Johnson wasn't for doing something by himself.

Still, Colombo's celebration could be considered too much. After the game, he refused to comment.