Wade Phillips: Wait for win to celebrate

MINNEAPOLIS -- Has there even been a 1-4 team that celebrated with as much enthusiasm as the Dallas Cowboys?

The Cowboys didn’t learn their lesson from the excessive celebration penalty against Marc Colombo that played a significant role in last week’s loss to the Titans. That was made clear when Miles Austin got flagged for leapfrogging over Roy Williams after the Cowboys’ first touchdown Sunday.

Austin’s foolishness didn’t lead directly to points for the Vikings, but it still stung the Cowboys. It helped give Minnesota great field position, which the Vikings turned into a touchdown after forcing a turnover deep in Dallas territory two possessions later.

It also reinforced the Cowboys’ reputation for being a dumb team.

“We need to celebrate after we win a game,” coach Wade Phillips said. “That’s when we need to celebrate, and that’s what we’re going to try to do.”

Austin was mum on the issue. He put on a pair of headphones as he finished dressing and avoided eye contact with reporters trying to talk to him as he exited the locker room.

Williams, who celebrates each of his touchdowns with a simple Hook 'Em Horns hand symbol, figured out a solution. He put his hand up and told his teammates to leave him alone in the end zone after his second touchdown catch Sunday.

“Stay away. Get away from me. Get away," Williams said. "Let’s not get any penalties. A high-five might be a penalty on us. Let’s just wait until we get to the sideline and then we can talk.”