Changes won't include Jerry Jones' role

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- While Jerry Jones indicated that major changes are coming, he made it clear that he doesn't intend to fire himself as general manager.

"Don’t imply that my role is going to change at all," Jones said. "Don’t do that. You’ll get something stuck."

There aren't many other Cowboys employees whose jobs are safe at the moment, as should be the case when a team expected to contend falls to 1-7 after its fifth consecutive loss.

"I had felt that there were parts of our team that had fundamental soundness," Jones said. "We didn’t have any soundness out there tonight. Certainly, when you address that, you can address a lot of things -- the people that play the game, the people that coach the game, the people that make the decisions about the people that play and coach the game. All of those things should be addressed."

You could certainly argue that Jones' role should also be addressed, but that isn't going to happen.