Potential lockout looms on Jerry Jones' mind

IRVING, Texas -- The threat of a lockout next season is perhaps the primary reason that Jerry Jones is hesitant to pull the trigger on firing his head coach.

"We have a lot of consideration for the things that we’re doing right now as it might impact the uniqueness of next year," Jones said Sunday night after the Packers routed the Cowboys. "All of those things are going through my mind. I’m not going to discuss them at this time."

Wade Phillips signed a two-year deal after last season, so the Cowboys have to pay him through 2011 no matter what.

While Jones won't be specific, he doesn't want to have to pay another head coach next year if there is not an NFL season, which is a distinct possibility due to the league's labor uncertainty.

The debate for Jones is whether the potential payoff of firing Phillips now is worth the financial ramifications.

Jones should ultimately make his decision based on the Cowboys' best interests over the next few years. Despite this 1-7 debacle, Jones still believes the Cowboys have the core to be contenders during that span with players such as Tony Romo, Jason Witten, DeMarcus Ware and Jay Ratliff in their primes.

"I should and do in my role look at certainly long term, if you quantify it over the next two or three years," Jones said. "We’ve got some players in here that are in prime times in their careers, and I want the most out of them for our team and fans."