Cowboys QB rankings: Don Meredith

Remembering Don Meredith (2:02)

Adam Schefter looks back at the life of Cowboys and Monday Night Football icon Don Meredith (2:02)

Here is where Don Meredith ranks statistically among Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks:

Cowboys All-Time Passing Rankings: Don Meredith

Completions: 1,170 (5th)

Pass yards: 17,199 (4th)

Pass TDs: 135 (4th)

Interceptions: 111 (3rd)

Most Games Played -- Cowboys QBs, Franchise History

Danny White: 166

Troy Aikman: 165

Roger Staubach: 131

Don Meredith: 104

Most Passing TDs, Cowboys History

Troy Aikman: 165

Danny White: 155

Roger Staubach: 153

Don Meredith: 135

Tony Romo: 118