Cowboys kept Williams from Dolphins

IRVING --There are all sorts of reasons why roster moves happen in the NFL. Well the Miami Dolphins tried to sign Teddy Williams off the Cowboys practice squad this week according to a source.

When the Dolphins made their move, the Cowboys quickly placed injured quarterback Tony Romo on injured reserve and moved Williams to the active roster.

Now the Cowboys were thinking about moving Romo to injured reserve anyway because his broken left collarbone wasn't healing fast enough to get him cleared to play. But with the Dolphins moving in, it kinda put some things in motion.

Williams, who ran track UT-San Antonio, was signed by the Cowboys this summer and despite getting cut in training camp, rejoined the team on the practice squad.

He originally was signed to play cornerback but now he's a wide receiver who might have a future as a returner as well.

"A lot of people ask me that, but my whole thing is that I just want to be on the field and play," Williams said. "So if they feel like they want to put me at receiver, that's great."

How much Williams plays on Saturday at Arizona is uncertain. It looks like he'll play some special teams though it appears doubtful that he'll get snaps as a receiver.

Last week the Cowboys, minus Roy E. Williams, had Miles Austin, Manuel Johnson, Sam Hurd and Jesse Holley at wideout.

In some practices, Williams will simulate certain opponents such as DeSean Jackson of the Eagles and Charles Woodson of the Packers because of his speed and athletic ability.

Now Williams is getting extensive time at wideout at least in practice but he always checks with receivers coach Ray Sherman about what to do.

"Once you get repetition at it, you move forward," Williams said. "It was the same ting with DB at first. I was like, man, it's looking crazy. But I started to get the hang of it with repetition, just doing it over and over."