Cowboys' future focus: RT Sam Young

First in a series looking at Cowboys young players from 2010.


Position: Offensive tackle

Height: 6-8. Weight: 322

College: Notre Dame

How acquired: 6th round, 2010 draft, No. 179 overall

What he did in 2010: Young was active for three games as a rookie but did not see any action on offense. He played some on special teams in the kick return game.

What to look for in 2011: Depending on Marc Colombo's future with the team, Young could find himself battling for the starting right tackle spot. He has the size and footwork that you want in right tackle. He also has the fight of a Colombo. Some at Valley Ranch were hoping he would get some playing time in the last two games when he was active over Alex Barron in order to help speed up his development for 2011. A knee injury suffered in the preseason slowed his progress earlier in the year. He started 50 games at Notre Dame and is not afraid of the bright lights. He needs to add strength in the off-season, like all rookie linemen, but he is not afraid to work.

Quotable: It’s a little bit of a clich√©, but you’re either getting better or your getting worse. I feel like I’ve been able to get better. I remember one of the first things coach [Hudson Houck] asked me to do and I was like, ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about.’ Now it’s second nature. Perfect example on a shuffle: I think shuffle, OK, outside foot, inside foot. Well the way he teaches it is inside then outside. For me it was counterintuitive, but once we started drilling it, working it and now I see and I don’t have to think about it. And I see why it works. For whatever reason coming back the other direction on a change of direction is that much quicker going back. -- Sam Young

Bryan Broaddus’ Scout’s Eye: With offensive linemen you always look at background. He was one of the most decorated offensive linemen coming out of Florida and then went to Notre Dame and you have to be impressed by his years at Notre Dame. What he showed me in training camp and the times he got to play is, yeah, he wasn’t strong enough to play but he had the ability to stay between the defender and the quarterback. I thought he was pretty good for a young guy. He wasn’t one of these guys flopping around. Young guys don’t play with strength. They have problems trying to fight guys off just because they get out of position. I think this guy’s got really good technique and good footwork. He’s just not strong right now. A little like Doug Free. He wasn’t a strong guy but I think Doug Free got better with his strength.