Hines Ward is dressed for Texas

FORT WORTH -- Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward was dressed as a Cowboy when he arrived here for a chat with reporters.

Ward, the veteran wide receiver, wore a black Cowboys hat, a Western-styled black shirt and black cowboys boots with designer jeans.

When asked would it be cool to win a Super Bowl in the home of the Cowboys given the rivalry between the teams he said, "I don't think we want to win it just because we're in Cowboys Stadium. It would be cool just to win it just to win it. To win three Super Bowls for a lot of guys on this team, to win our organization's seventh Super Bowl."

The Cowboys have played the Steelers three times in the Super Bowl. Dallas lost SB X and XIII but won XXX. The was the Cowboys' last Super Bowl victory.

"It's kind of ironic the history between the Cowboys and the Steelers over the years," Ward said. "I'm pretty sure a lot of Dallas fans don't want to see Pittsburgh win the Super Bowl on their home field. That's a motivation but I don't think that's the main motivation for guys to try and win it on Cowboys turf. We win it, we want to win it for ourselves for our city of Pittsburgh and for our organization."