Woicik's history will help with players

IRVING, Texas -- The only assistant not available for the media get together at Valley Ranch was strength and conditioning coach Mike Woicik.

Word has it he was working out some players during the hour of availability.

Running game coordinator Hudson Houck and Woicik were on the Cowboys’ staff from 1993-96 during their first go round with the team.

“He’s just a grinder,” Houck said. “One, I think he’s got great communication with the players because he’s got very good skill with what he does, and he’s very good knowledge at what he does. And that’s what a players want to hear. They want to know, ‘How can you help me?’ I mean at every position it’s that, right? How can you help me and they know he can help them because his history is pretty strong.”

Woicik is the only player or coach with six Super Bowl rings, winning three with the Cowboys and three with New England.