SL Carroll-ex McElroy has broken finger

INDIANAPOLIS -- One of the big surprises coming from the early portions of the combine is that Alabama quarterback and Southlake native Greg McElroy said he won't throw Sunday.

McElroy is wearing a soft cast over his right hand to protect a broken index finger suffered in the fourth quarter of the Senior Bowl last month. McElroy got hurt when his hand hit the back of a helmet after throwing a pass.

He is scheduled to get the cast off his hand Monday but doesn't plan throwing during his Pro Day on March 9. There is a tentative date scheduled for him to throw on March 24.

"After about 17 physicals today, I realize I have a fractured second metacarpal. If you believe it, that's what I knew two weeks ago," McElroy said. "Hopefully the new bone is starting to come in. It's a little tender right now. Just been a lot of use on it the last couple of days. I'm [still] going to run this week and do everything that I possibly can, and that's the competitor in me. I want to be out there. It's driving me nuts to watch these guys get better, and I'm kind of sitting here on the sidelines."

After McElroy hit his finger, he had to leave the game but doctors didn't say it was broken. But over time, things didn't feel right. McElroy has problems gripping a football and, after some examinations at the combine, it was determined he had a broken index finger.

It hasn't stopped NFL teams from talking to him. At least 12 teams have spoken to McElroy, including the Green Bay Packers.

The Cowboys have not talked to him. McElroy, whose father, Greg McElroy, a senior vice president of sales and marketing for the Cowboys, doesn't expect them too.

"I think they've seen enough of me," joked Greg McElroy.