Player reps don't worry about retribution

GRAPEVINE, Texas -- At times the talks between the NFL and NFL Players Association regarding the collective bargaining agreement this offseason have been contentious.

Somewhat caught in the middle of the fight between owners and players are Cowboys’ reps Jason Witten, DeMarcus Ware and Bradie James, but Witten, for one, does not believe the work the trio has done will have an adverse affect on their relationship with Jerry Jones in the present or future.

“I’m sure some guys on the executive committee have seen some of that or heard some have that,” Witten said. “They might have different feelings … but I’ve never looked at it that way and I’m sure DeMarcus and Bradie are the same way.”

Witten, Ware and James have not been part of the mediation between the two sides, but they have relayed information to teammates or answered questions about insurance changes and the lockout fund.

Because of Jones’ role as general manager, he has a closer relationship with players than some other owners. He has called Witten one of the top five players he has had since owning the Cowboys and recently gave Ware one of the richest contracts in NFL history for a defensive player.

Whenever the lockout ends, the feeling is that the strong relationships with the owner will continue.

“I’m extremely loyal and appreciative of the Jones family and what they’ve given me,” Witten said. “That’s a different situation because of where we play and how involved they are in the program. You love playing for them … I think we all understand it’s a business.”