Cowboys workouts haven't started yet

We've seen reports of players from the Washington Redskins and Cleveland Browns working out during the lockout period.

The Cowboys haven't done so yet.

Tony Romo said he wants to get the team together, as many players as possible, for offseason workouts. Under normal conditions, the players would have started workouts last month at Valley Ranch. But with the lockout banning players from team facilities, players are forced to work out on their own.

"No we haven’t yet," DeMarcus Ware said about his teammates gathering. "I know eventually we’re going to have to get in the playbook and figure some things out among ourselves, and it will come soon."

A good percentage of the Cowboys' players live in Dallas-Fort Worth during the offseason. Some players leave the area for a time: Orlando Scandrick goes to California, and Roy Williams visits Odessa, Texas. Keith Brooking goes back to Atlanta but he's back in the area now as are some other players. Ware is working out at an area fitness center near his home.

"That's what we’re trying to do," Ware said in terms of getting players together. "We want to do everything right. Clear the lockout and get our defense and offense going and [build] team unity and get ready for the season."

The Cowboys have never been a team that has players who come to training camp out of shape. A few players might have to lose a few pounds here and there, but there was hardly any complaints under former coach Wade Phillips about players not being in shape.

There was a stir created in the last rookie minicamp when Dez Bryantalmost lost his lunch on the practice fields and even missed a few reps because he was drained physically. But as the rookie minicamp wore on, he got in better shape.

New strength and conditioning coach Mike Woicik is considered one of the best in his field. Before the lockout, he was able to speak with some of the players about staying in shape.