Houck: Smith's 'a very good football player'

IRVING, Texas -- Tyron Smith put the Pro Bowl and Hall of Fame stuff out there.

Offensive line coach Hudson Houck knows what one looks like. He coached Anthony Munoz and Bruce Matthews at Southern Cal. With the Los Angeles Rams, he coached Jackie Slater. He coached some good ones with the Cowboys, too, and one day soon Larry Allen will be a member of the Hall of Fame.

“I’m terrible in comparisons,” Houck said. “Really I don’t like them, but this guy is going to be a very good football player. A very good football player.”

Houck, however, did make a comparison to Allen -- a second-round pick in 1994 by the Cowboys -- when asked if he is excited about Smith’s ability now or in the future.

“I’m excited in both respects,” Houck said. “I’m excited about what he is right now and how he’s played. He’s got such great foot speed that when he gets on you when he blocks you, it’s a little bit of Larry Allen. He’ll stay on you. He’ll finish blocks pretty well. And also now looking in the long run, he’s still a young puppy at 20 years old. There’s lot of maturing he’ll do. There’s some growth. He’ll get stronger I think because he has such a good work ethic. It was a big factor for us.”