Owner believes player workouts will help

GRAPEVINE, Texas -- In a perfect world Jerry Jones would prefer the players working out and practicing at Valley Ranch this offseason but the Cowboys owner and general manager is glad they are doing something during the lockout.

This is the third week of player-run practices. Roughly 40 players have been at the practices that have been run in a similar fashion to organized team activities. Players have worked out at different spots across the area from McKinney to Southlake.

If there is not a huge on-field benefit to the workouts, Jones believes there could be an off-field benefit.

“We talk about leadership and basic implementing the responsibility that goes with organizing preparation as well as executing preparation,” Jones said at the team's annual sponsors golf tournament at Cowboys Golf Course. “I think that’s a good thing. I think there could be some positives from that of initiating by the players these workouts as opposed to be supervised by the coaches.

“There could be some positives from that as far as looking ahead to the season. Now that’s looking at it through rose colored glasses. Let’s try to find some good here. That effort on our players’ part is a good thing to go ahead and get organized. And we’re working in a time of year where this is the least activity you have with teams and we’re going into the latter part of May and June when players are off, so I think under the circumstances for them to be organizing and working is a good thing.”