Dez Bryant continues to show up

The Cowboys secret workouts, held at an undisclosed location that has attracted up to 45 players at one point, continues to bring out wide receiver Dez Bryant.

There was a big to do about Bryant missing the first of these player-only lockouts due to a family issue. But since May 4, Bryant hasn't missed one workout.

"I'd say he's made 10 straight workouts," Bryant adviser David Wells said. "The kid is working hard at his game. He's in better shape this year than last year. A lot stronger."

It's been estimated the players have held about 10-to-12 of these private workouts where the offense is running plays and the defense is learning the new 3-4 scheme of defensive coordinator Rob Ryan.

Quarterback Tony Romo, tight end Jason Witten, outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware and inside linebacker Bradie James are among some of the veteran players who are leading the charge during these workouts.

Of course when get a player with the talent of Bryant, coming off a fractured ankle, is left unattended due to the lockout there is some concern. But one thing nobody with the Cowboys can say is his commitment to football. Jason Garrett talks about Bryant's passion for the game and Romo stopped a reporter two weeks ago to tell him Bryant was looking good. So good, that the quarterback had to slow him down some.

There are these debates about whether or not Bryant should even be on the field running around without team trainers or doctors around. The lockout prevents that, but from all indications, Bryant is pretty much healthy. He's been participating in charity basketball games where former Cowboy Tony Hill said Bryant is dunking and moving around pretty good on the court.

Of course the Cowboys would be cautious with their first-round pick of a year ago. That's a wise thing, but with him out on his own there is nothing the team can do.

While you can talk about Bryant's numerous off-the-field issues, and most of them if not all are financial, he is focused on football and for the Cowboys that's a positive thing.