Lockout analysis: Quarterbacks

ESPN Dallas is providing a daily breakdown on how the lockout has affected the individual position groups.

Position: Quarterback

Depth chart: Tony Romo, Jon Kitna, Stephen McGee, Chris Greisen

Not under contract: Greisen

Player hurt most by lockout: McGee

Player with most to gain: Romo

Analysis: McGee closed the season at Philadelphia as the Cowboys’ starter and led the team to a victory. While it wasn’t pretty, it gave McGee and the Cowboys confidence that he could one day move up to No. 2 behind Romo.

An offseason with no coaches, however, hurts McGee’s development. He was able to get the work in during the player-run practices in May with Kitna remaining home, but that is not a substitute for critiques from the coaches as he enters a pivotal year.

Kitna is in the final year of his contract and played well after a slow start following Romo’s broken collarbone. He is entrenched as the backup.

For Romo, the lockout helped his image as he headed up those practices. He was a stickler and kept things going at a fast pace. Players talked about his leadership -- long something people have opined about -- and his ability to take charge of those sessions. If the lockout cancels training camp, then Romo and the other veterans are expected to have another set of practices.